Updated 30th November 2021

Covid-19 Protection Framework -

"Traffic Light" system at Matakana Cinemas

We will be following all government regulations, including the implementation & requirement of the NZ Government's My Vaccine Pass in order to ensure the cinema is a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees.

We appreciate and understand that this will be an inconvenience to some however we are committed to protecting our community and our staff. 

We ask, and thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we navigate these new guidelines together, and please know that we are doing all that we can to ensure that the new restrictions are as simple to transition into as possible. 


Under the Covid-19 Protectection Framework in order to be able to open & operate our business across the red, orange & green 'traffic light' settings we will be following these public health measures: 

Operating with the use of vaccine passes

The first POS station inside the front door in our new box office queue system is where you will see our staff stationed to view or scan your My Vaccine Pass.

Please have your vaccine pass ready to go when arriving to help us ensure quick sighting or scanning. 

Mask wearing in red & orange of the Covid-19 Protection Framework

As we are an indoor venue, mask wearing is preferential for everyone over the age of 12 years old in our foyer and it is highly encouraged within our three movie theatres while NZ is in the red & orange levels of the framework.

It is fine to remove your mask while eating or drinking during your movie. 

Mandatory QR Code Scanning

QR codes are positioned at multiple locations in the cinema foyer. We will have a paper & pen guest register for those who wish to use that instead.

It is currently mandatory for all patrons to scan or sign in. 

Social Distancing and allocated seating in red of the Covid-19 Protection Framework

In orange & green of the framework social distancing is not required however we are still continuing to use allocated seating for all of our film sessions. 

NOTE: We ask that you adhere to 1-metre distancing throughout all common areas and theatres while we are in red.

In red  we use the allocated seating & our social distancing feature of our booking system so you can select seats and the system will automatically apply social distancing to keep your group spaced from other patrons. 


Please be sure to sit in the same allocated seat number that appears on your ticket.

Our ticketing terms & conditions (T's & C's) have been updated to reflect these changes.



Is Matakana Cinemas able to open in the Covid-19 Protection Framework?

Yes, we can open if we require that our ticket holders can provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

- In the protection framework red setting, NZ cinemas that do not request proof of vaccine cannot open.

- In the protection framework orange setting, NZ cinemas that do not request vaccine passports cannot open

- In the protection framework green setting, NZ cinemas that do not request proof of vaccine will have heavy capacity restrictions.

HERE is some further information from the website about COVID-19 Protection Framework guidance if you operate entertainment, recreation, and exercise businesses and services.


Is proof of vaccination required?

Yes, Matakana Cinemas will require proof of vaccination for persons over the age of 12 years and three months old and we will be using the Government’s standard My Vaccine Pass app.

Please ensure that you have this app downloaded and available on your device when coming on to the premises of Matakana Cinemas - have it ready to allow quick processing as you will need to show and/or scan it before being able to purchase tickets for a movie and/or if you have purchased tickets via our website.


Why have you made this decision to require proof of vaccination for entry to Matakana Cinemas?

If we choose to not require vaccine passports, we will not be able to open to the general public while NZ is in the red & orange settings of the Covid-19 Protection Framework. This would raise the real prospect of having to close up our business permanently and lay off all of our locally employed staff.

Having been temporarily closed on and off for over four months in 2021, as well as at stages of 2020, and with the large majority of the population fully vaccinated, it makes no business sense for us to not require My Vaccine Pass for all attendees at this stage. 

Once NZ moves out of the Covid-19 Protection Framework or there is a government policy change and Matakana Cinemas is no longer required to use the passports, then we will cease to ask for proof of vaccination.


Who can get an exemption?

If you are unable to get the Pfizer vaccine for medical reasons, there is an exemption process to get your My Vaccine Pass. You will need to talk to your doctor who can advise you on the process.

Find out more about exemptions and certificates at this web address |

If you’re given a temporary medical exemption, you will see a record of this in My Covid Record and you will be able to request My Vaccine Pass.

When your pass is scanned at venues your exemption status will not be disclosed to the business. You will be able to gain access like everyone else.


What about children under 12 years old?

Children 12 years and 3 months old and under are not currently able to be vaccinated in New Zealand so do not require evidence of vaccination. 

If your child is under but close to the age of 12, we do suggest that a proof of age might be helpful for you and our staff to be able to make the correct judgement that they do not require a proof of vaccination.


What if I want to come to a movie but do not have proof that I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19?

Unfortunately at this time in the Covid-19 Protection Framework we cannot allow movie ticket sales for general public sessions to anyone who cannot provide evidence of their My Vaccine Pass; it is our hope that in the near future we will be able to shift away from the general requirement of My Vaccine Pass for all ticket sales.


Will you consider offering private hire movie screening opportunities for those who are unvaccinated?

A recent update to the website has given us some specific guidance on screenings for where My Vaccine Pass is not used.

It states: Service on premises is limited to gatherings (private groups where attendees are known to each other) and restricted to up to 25 people in a defined space. Mask wearing is encouraged.

With this new information at hand, Matakana Cinemas can offer private hire requests under the guidelines.

If you are interested in organising a private hire, please use our Private Hire & Fundraiser Form HERE to lodge a request.


- due to January being our busiest time of year, we are accepting private hire requests though it is unlikely we can confirm them at this time.

- we will not be programming alotted times for these screenings in our general programming, private hire bookings will only stem from a form request that is authorised by Matakana Cinemas management.


Do I need to register my visit?

As per the Government conditions for indoor public spaces we have provided a COVID Tracer app QR code at entry, all visitors must provide contact tracing information before entering the theatres.

We also offer a secure paper register for those who prefer to sign in this way or for those who cannot access the app. Details would only be supplied to the Ministry of Health in the event that Matakana Cinemas becomes a location of interest.


Do I need to wear a facemask?

To keep yourself and others safe at Matakana Cinemas it is highly encouraged that you wear a mask in our foyer space unless you have a medical exemption to not wear one. Once inside our theatres it is not mandatory but highly encouraged that you wear one unless eating or drinking.

You will see all of our team members also wearing masks while on your visit to us.


What if I forget my facemask?

Please try to remember to bring and wear your own mask, however we will keep a limited amount of disposable masks on site for your use. 

If you are with a friend or family member who has their mask, please send them into the foyer to ask for one from our team.


What safety measures do you have in place on site?

We want to make your experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.

To facilitate this, we are implementing a comprehensive range of safety measures to meet Government and Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines.

Here’s a rundown of some of the measures we’re putting in place:

  • All visitors must scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app – you’ll find the QR code on the sign at the entrance to the cinema, at the box office and outside each of our theatres. You can also sign in using our secure paper register.
  • Visitors must produce evidence that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by producing their unique My Vaccine Pass to be scanned at point of sale.
  • We ask that all visitors wear a facemask while in our foyer area; mask wearing is encouraged once inside our theatres.
  • At ‘red-light’ setting of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, please endeavour to maintain a one-metre physical distance in the foyer, theatres and from our staff and from any other people who are not in your own bubble.
  • It is our preference that payments are made using our PayWave contactless EFTPOS/credit card facilities.
  • All high-contact areas will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are located across the cinema foyer for you to use. 


Can I pay in cash?

We would prefer if all payments made while at Matakana Cinemas were with a debit or credit card (we utilise PayWave EFTPOS software) and not with cash.


Can I still use my Matakana Cinemas gift voucher?

Yes you can.


I have a Matakana Cinemas gift voucher but I am not vaccinated and therefore cannot currently attend a movie at Matakana Cinemas?

We are happy to extend or credit your voucher - they are not redeemable for cash - to use at a later date as we anticipate that we will not have to maintain the use of My Vaccine Pass here at Matakana Cinemas at some point in the future.

The best way to request an extension or credit voucher is to email us: or



Hand sanitisers & hygiene protocols

- We have 70%+ ethanol alcohol based hand sanitiser units in our foyers and near cinema entrances for everyone’s use. 


Face masks ("Traffic light" Red & Orange

- We request that face masks or coverings are worn in our common areas including the cinema foyer, bathrooms and at the box office.
- It is not mandatory to wear face masks once you are inside the theatres, however we do encourage it.
- Our staff will be wearing face masks.


Group distancing ("Traffic light" Red)

- We will be provisioning for 1x seats distance (+1 metre) on either side of your group from the next nearest group or groups in the row in the theatres

- Please maintain 1 metre distancing in the cinema foyer.

Group distancing ("Traffic light" Orange)

- Social distancing is not required.

Enhanced cleaning processes

- Our cinema team have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all high traffic areas and commonly-touched surfaces throughout the day. This includes but is not limited to: tables, door handles, counters, railings, benches, and EFTPOS terminals.

- In conjunction with our commercial cleaners Crest, we have increased the frequency of our bathroom checks and spraying disinfectant on all surfaces.
- Staff will be frequently washing their hands throughout their shifts with soap and paper towels. Hand sanitiser is also available at point of sale terminals.
- If staff are feeling unwell they have been advised to stay home and consult Healthline and we will follow their advice.

Contactless purchasing encouraged


- We encourage ticket purchases to be made in advance via our website's V-Tix system:
- If purchasing on site, it is our preference for you to use contactless payment EFTPOS PayWave whenever possible.


Personal health policy if unwell

- We encourage our patrons and require that our staff to stay home if you or they have any cold or flu-like symptoms.
- It is important to us to keep you and our community safe and we appreciate your understanding.
-If you are feeling unwell or been in contact with someone unwell then please do not come to the cinema until you have recovered - if you have already purchased a ticket, please call us, we are happy to refund or credit you.